Metering Products

TMD has been providing quality electric metering products and services to the electric utility industry since 1937 and is historically the largest supplier of new and recertified meters in Texas. TMD is a stocking distributor and maintains large inventories of metering related products such as meters, sockets, enclosures, test switches, transformers, adaptors, security devices, test equipment, standards and much more. With decades of experience using and selling metering products, TMD can assist your utility with virtually any metering related product or service including transmission, substation and distribution applications, meter programming, AMI integration and programming, transformer sizing, testing, site verification, billing resolution, demand response, remote communications, loss analysis and hundreds of other applications.

AMI Products

TMD is a distributor for ACLARA Metrum Cellular products for Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Metrum Cellular is true point to point, IP based, open standard, public network wireless technology that leverages existing wireless network infrastructure to provide high bandwidth, secure, two way communications to AMI endpoints. These solutions are completely scalable, do not require complicated or expensive infrastructure build outs, can be deployed tactically to address the highest value applications, can be configured to support full ANSI table data, remote disconnect, prepayment, complex rate structures and even real time monitoring of meter data.

Primary Meter Sets

TMD is the largest manufacturer of pre-wired primary and secondary metering sets in the southern US and has supplied hundreds of utility meter departments with tens of thousands of correctly wired, correctly spaced, mechanically correct meter sets for overhead and underground applications. TMD utilizes standard color codes, proven custom rack configurations, the highest quality components and workmanship to ensure long life, maintenance free operation and highly accurate metering. In addition, TMD technicians can assist your utility with application design, transformer sizing and can incorporate custom features such as utility specific color codes, wiring harness configuration, mounting options, labeling and socket configuration. All meter sets are rigorously inspected prior to shipment, are shipped with all necessary components for installation and are crated for safe shipment.

High Voltage Testing

Texas Meter and Device Company’s High Voltage testing division began testing Personal Protective Equipment in 1976 and was one of the first Laboratories to gain accreditation from the highly respected North American Independent Laboratories (N.A.I.L.). TMD has continuously maintained that accreditation and has played an active role in the management of N.A.I.L.

TMD has a state of the art protective equipment testing lab located in Waco, Texas; where, we have successfully provided testing and change out services of gloves, sleeves, line hose, hoods, blankets, hot sticks, guards, covers, grounds, and jumpers for investor owned utilities, electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, government agencies and private companies for over 36 years. All testing is done in strict accordance to ASTM requirements, OSHA regulations and N.A.I.L standards. TMD is also a leading supplier of PPE from Salisbury by Honeywell and maintains a very large stock of PPE ready for testing and shipment.

TMD can also assist your utility with change out and testing programs designed to keep the utility in compliance while minimizing the expense and logistical challenges of periodic testing. High volume testing, quick turnaround and failure replacements are standard features of many of TMD’s long standing contractual testing services.

Personal Protective Equipment

TMD has a long history of being one of the largest stocking suppliers of personal protective equipment to electric utilities in the U.S. and maintains large inventories of Salisbury PPE ready for shipment. TMD’s expert inside sales staff can assist your company’s electrical workers with any PPE needs including: gloves, sleeves, line hose, blankets, covers, protectors, jumpers, ground sets, hot sticks and accessories, fall protection, voltage detection, arc flash and hundreds of other safety items. In addition to supplying these items, TMD can test PPE prior to shipment, provide date stamps or retest date stamps, provide in- service testing, repair safety tools and can provide training for line workers on care, inspection, maintenance and use of all the products sold.

Utility Tools + Equipment

Texas Meter and Device is a full line distributor of Tools and Safety Equipment to the Electric Utility and other related industries. TMD is a stocking distributor for over 70 different manufacturers and maintains an extensive amount of product in stock for immediate delivery.

TMD strives to always have the equipment to completely outfit any line or bucket truck. Additionally, our knowledge about those products is what set us apart in this industry. Our sales staff leads safety meetings throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas; teaching line workers about care, inspection and maintenance of all the products we sell. TMD trains extensively on more complex items; such as, Phase Volt Meters, Voltage Detectors and Underground Locators.

TMD offers testing and calibration of various brand of phasing equipment, as well as, the 3M line of URD locating equipment. TMD repairs and rebuilds strap hoists, hydraulic impact guns, tamps, and battery operated crimpers.

Locating Products

TMD is the manufacturer’s representative and a stocking distributor for 3M/Dynatel underground asset management systems for the Electric Utility, Oil and Gas and Water industries for Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our certified instructors often perform on location training for workers in all of these industries. TMD also can help with an entire underground asset management system to include Programmable Underground Markers, EMS Caution Tape and GPS/mapping technologies and more.