AMI Installation Services

TMD is an experienced, full service, electric, water and gas AMI system installation service contractor with dozens of successfully completed installation projects across a wide range of AMI technologies and utility types. TMD offers turnkey services including: managed local crossdock services, inventory management, real time installation tracking, state of the art work order management systems, wireless handheld systems, call center, secure network operations and data hosting, barcode scanning, endpoint gps capture, image capture, real time data analysis, automated data entry error detection systems, custom reporting, as found testing, customer notification collateral and distribution, network installation, complex meter installations, form conversions, C&I installations, 3 phase verification and much more.

TMD maintains a staff of experienced, field proven, project managers, supervisors, QA professionals, 3 phase meter technicians and training personnel to ensure the highest quality of service, customer care and compliance with system installation objectives.

AMI Integration Services

TMD is among the largest and most experienced third party AMI technology integration providers and has successfully integrated and tested millions of electric meters with AMI communications technology for hundreds of customers. TMD is a certified integrator for multiple technologies and utilizes state of the art equipment, ESD control processes, production tracking software, scanned data entry, written procedures, 100% QA inspection and all integration is performed by well trained technicians in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

TMD operates a high capacity integration and testing facility capable of producing large volumes of residential or C&I integrations, reworks, firmware updates, module programming, meter programming, software patches, custom labeling, and metrology testing on WECO test boards.

Meter Testing-Lab

TMD has a large capacity meter lab with 16 new WECO test boards, warm up boards, programming stations and other test equipment. With over 5 million meters tested, TMD is one of the oldest and most experienced meter test labs in the country. TMD has all of the capabilities of a major IOU meter shop and routinely performs a wide range of testing functions for utilities, government agencies, military and industrial customers. TMD core services include: meter testing and programming, acceptance testing, sample test programs, firmware upgrades, communications testing, AMI integration, meter repair, as found testing, option upgrades, and advance application programming. All testing is executed in accordance with ANSI standards and test results are provided in a digital file format compatible with utility systems.

Field Services

One of TMD’s longstanding services provided to utilities is field meter testing and verifications services. For over 50 years, TMD has provided electric utilities, regulatory agencies, governments, military and Fortune 500 companies with highly qualified meter technicians with the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide even the most complex field metering services. Core services include: field meter testing, wiring verification, ratio and burden testing, generation and transmission testing, substation and feeder meter testing, ERCOT certification testing, application design, complex programming, communications testing, sample testing programs, field programming and troubleshooting, loss analysis, dispute resolution and much more.

Project Management

TMD offers a wide range of utility project management services for electric, water and gas metering, AMI implementation, network installation, demand response, load control, endpoint programming, data collection, endpoint mapping, load survey, loss analysis, sub metering, and much more. TMD employs experienced project managers with a proven history of successful project management and can provide handheld systems, work order management systems, personnel training, test equipment, labor, oversight and reporting. Project management services offered by TMD are highly flexible and can be customized to best match the specific needs, capabilities and resources of your utility project.

PPE Program Management

TMD has over 25 years of experience providing large utility PPE testing, supply and change out programs for some of the largest utilities in the U.S. TMD offers customized PPE Program Management solutions that reduce utility cost and ensure prompt and efficient supply of tested and new goods for service center or warehouse change outs. Core PPE program management components include warehouse services, inventory management and tracking, notification, emergency goods management, distribution logistics, monthly reconciliation, shipping, care and maintenance training, and stocking of long lead time items.

Training Program

TMD offers a range of custom utility training programs designed to improve the effectiveness and safety of utility workers. These programs are created specifically for the utility need and are based on best practices and years of field experience. Subjects include: transformer rated metering, meter programming, meter testing, meter reading, meter theory, care and maintenance of PPE, locating, and safety.